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This is far from all the links I've run, but here's the midweek (or otherwise) posts that are solely links.

11/13/07 -- RIP Norman Mailer, fact-checking, Wes Anderson, Avenged Sevenfold, Leo Durocher, Jenna Fischer and the Writers Guild strike, old movie posters and Cary Grant

09/05/07 -- The Onion video, Aquafina=tap water, "Nip/Tuck" and "Wicked Game," new music, full episodes of Conan

08/23/07 -- Minus The Bear, Google Sky, Mary-Louise Parker, Iraq=Indiana

07/13/07 -- RIP Charles Lane (1905-2007), Lou Gehrig's speech, awful announcer Bill Maas, Jenna Fischer's blog honored, Michael Cera moves on, Clete Boyer and others remembered

06/22/07 -- 50 DVDs film fans should own, Herman Munster identity theft, "30 Rock" top moments, Phil Hartman clips, 110-year-old man throws out first pitch

06/03/07 -- 1920 Yankees newspaper reports, "Jim Halpert Is Dead," typewriter repairman, The Constantines downloads, Pud Galvin and steroids, Alex Rodriguez's blonde

04/19/07 -- Ben Stiller movie index, Mark Wahlberg can't carry a film, "The Simpsons" UPS parody, Slate looks at "Andy Barker: PI", Jenna Fischer interview, Knut the bear roundup

09/06/06 -- "Casino Royale" trailer, The Onion and 9/11, non-shot NFLers, Facebook news feed, best places for singles, stingrays, teen sex

08/25/06 -- Conan interview, William Shatner, Harold Reynolds, Michael Kay is crazy, podcast travel guides, "SNL" changes

08/16/06 -- 18-inning games, Yankee minor leaguers, Tim Keown, Mr. Feeny, Elmo stinks

-- Crazy Muse video, screw 9/11 conspiracies, Derek Jeter for MVP?

07/26/06 -- A-Rod, Sophia Bush, London, Steely Dan, "SNL"

07/26/06 -- Harold Reynolds fired, Lance Armstrong cancer effect and movie, Lance Bass, Steve Phillips

07/14/06 -- "AD" the movie?, Killers song, Scarlett Johannsson, Odalis Perez, countries without McDonald's

07/01/06 -- Jenna Fischer, World Cup, Ozzie Guillen, Alex Rodriguez, train stations, Winona Ryder

06/21/06 -- Southwest, Classless Dallas Mavs, Stephen Hawking, Indonesian marsupial poop for coffee, Summer 2006 TV on DVD

06/15/06 -- Bob Klapisch, Esteban Loaiza's DWI, JJ Redick's DWI, iPod on a toilet roll

06/13/06 -- JJ Redick, Jose Contreras, Paris Hilton, Flag Day, save money on coffee, new Metallica, Yankee prospects and Dontrelle Willis

05/19/06 -- "Scrubs," post-"Arrested Development" cast moves, hot actresses

05/16/06 -- Pitching Catch-22, People's "Most Beautiful," Katherine Heigl, RHCP, The Onion

05/06/06 -- Women in the dugoout, Jeter at second, Aussie miners and Dave Grohl, Pearl Jam, RHCP, Sports Pickle

05/05/06 -- Tom Cruise's midgetness, Plastic surgery kills, The Brushback, standing-room on planes, Bill Mueller, Al Leiter broadcasts, flashing and prostitution

-- Don Knotts, Everyday item expiration dates

-- Conan memories, Angela from "The Office," acoustic Metallica cover, Miami picture

03/28/06 -- Two-headed baby, Conan in Finland, kid pool shark

03/11/06 -- Siena Miller lookalike, Alexis Bledel and E.T., Petra Nemcova, Joe Rogan

01/26/06 -- Baseball links, including Anna Benson, great Twins, Jeff Reardon, and Yankee sites

-- Free "Arrested Development," Chuck Norris, breakup e-mail

06/19/05 -- Sprinter runs over girl, cat with two faces

02/23/05 -- The Onion, The Greyhound, Two-Headed Baby part 1, anti-nudity law, fat police


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