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He's hitting .408, driving in a lot of runs, and played a nice role in tonight's 4-1 win, as Shawn Chacon is proving that he can pitch a little.
Baseball Musings points out that Jeter is having his best April ever. The next-best? 1999, the year he was a legitimate MVP candidate on a team that was conceded the WS the day the 1998 Fall Classic ended.

Don't know who Jeter is supposedly dating now. But there's a list of his ex-ladies.

I'm sure there'll be people lining up to knock him down. Whatever. I can be happy when "my" guys do well, and many of those are on other teams. Pujols, Julio Franco, Pettitte, Maddux, Smoltz, Trot Nixon, Torii Hunter, and a bunch of others, for example.

Anyway, I'm off to Rhode Island. See everybody late Monday.

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