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And why shouldn't he be with this lineup?
Tonight, he picked up the Moose after he gave up an early homer, hitting his own round-tripper and totaling three RBIs on the night. Moose settled down, too, and is striking out guys again.
Jeter's at .391 with 18 RBI in as many games. He also has 11 extra-base hits. His performance has been discussed here lately (last item).

Andy Phillips, finally getting a couple at-bats, did not fare so well. 3 men stranded in scoring position to end innings, although it didn't really matter. His defense was solid, at least. The merits of his getting playing time and the likelihood of his success vis a vis Bernie Williams have been debated in posts, and comments a lot on this blog.
Bronx Banter was much more optimistic about Phillips' performance.

They also previewed Tampa and the success of Gomes when he finally received his chance, although it's true Gomes is much younger.

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