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Indirectly, at least. Right after Bayless waxed pontific about Mickelson proving little or nothing with his second straight major win and third year with a major, Tim Keown wrote a little column.

Here's what he had to say:

Mickelson can't win, especially among the hard-core golf crowd. He literally can't win with these people. Even when he wins, he can't win.
When he wins, as he has been doing with great frequency, Tiger lost it. When he loses, Tiger intimidated him and he choked.
But not many golfers have done what Mickelson has done, especially in the past three years. Dating back to 1934, only five guys have won majors in at least three straight years. He's one of them, and Tiger is the only other one to have done it in the past 20 years.
Standing atop his own accomplishments, he casts a pretty large shadow himself.

Maybe Skip Bayless is just nitpicking -- even the best of the best can (and often want to) find ways to improve, to extend the challenge. But people like him aren't looking at it as nitpicking. They are just moving the goalposts on the argument.

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