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Curt Schilling dazzles for eight innings of one-run ball for his 195th win at 39 years and exactly 5 months. Jamie Moyer struggles a bit, giving up a lot of hits, but strikes out eight in six innings, keeping his team in the game at 43 years, 4 months and 26 days. He surpassed 200 wins last season after having 59 wins heading into his age-33 season.

Tommy Glavine struck out 11 to garner the win, his 277th of his career. The 40-year-old had only 12 double-digit strikeout games in just over 600 starts. The 5-time 20-game winner won't get that far this year, but with 10-12 additional wins will place himself in prime position for a 300-win run in 2007.

Greg Maddux, meanwhile, reached 40 on an off-day for him, 320 wins in hand and a tidy 3.01 career ERA. He's also been on-target so far this season and not likely to succumb to injury -- he made every start in the strike years, and outside those has had 33 or more starts every year since 1988.

Randy Johnson came out a bit early the other day, and his firepower has yielded a bit in the past year and a half, but the man has more than 260 wins with a few months until he turns 43.

Even Kenny Rogers, poster child for failure under pressure, has tacked on 58 wins in the last four years on run support and guile -- 87 Ks in 195 innings last year. Eight innings tonight to get the win, and at 41 all season, he needs eight victories to reach 200. The 4.21 ERA lifetime isn't pretty, but he's hit 10 or more wins in 13 of 17 seasons. He's dependable, and the Tigers could use a little of that.

Without Roger Clemens, there's still a lot of great stalwarts to catch before they're gone forever. Make sure you do, because though it's April, the season of youth and dreams, the dreamers above might not make it to August and September.

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