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Since I last ran a race. Villanova's track, a 5K. Went out a little too fast out of necessity, still ran a solid time. Still wasn't completely healthy or fully recovered in training, but I was back. But I don't think I ever fully came back mentally.

Once Christmas hit in 2004, I sort of checked out. That's not totally correct, actually. Getting the tendonitis for 3-4 months certainly didn't help my enthusiasm. But I remember chomping at the bit to get back after my Xmas break -- my first break in 8 or so months. And I probably prolonged my recovery a little bit by my incessant testing of the knee jogging around and hitting the gym.
But it hasn't been like that since April, although I broke even in training until the end of October.

I don't know when I'm going to run another race. I basically haven't run for six months now. This job has turned my life upside down, the least of which is my operating hours. I've traded one for the other, essentially.

So if a year ago was the last hurrah, then I bowed out with a good run and some good mentoring. Even if I make a comeback, it's as good as starting over.

Either way, it kind of sucks.

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