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I'm at the gas station right down the street getting a quick drink before work. The girls behind me (college) are looking at the magazines while waiting to buy cigarettes.
Normally, I'd make fun of them, but they said something that would have been unthinkable four-five years ago: "Wow, Britney looks like a"
So true. So sad.

Apparently, she's pregnant again. They didn't run the greatest picture of all time, however, which is this.

While we're ripping on things, I've long hated Uggs. So useless, ugly, make girls' legs look like pillars, and they tell you upfront that the girl is going to be a...well, you can figure it out.
Well, Charlize Theron, after (inadvertently) destroying "Arrested Development," is now sporting the abominable footwear. That's the real monster.

Also, Charlie Sheen is even more nuts than we realized. Wow. I won't link because there's just too much. Nuts like in a he'll-kill-people way.

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