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Some nice pitching as current Braves righty ace Tim Hudson faced off against former Braves lefty ace Tom Glavine. Hudson won 2-1 in a complete game. Glavine gave up only one earned run in his eight (or seven? I forget).
Hudson is maligned for his lack of durability and his elbow problems, but these days, almost every pitcher gets hurt. Also, Hudson has shouldered the ace logo for a good number of years, even as he's always overshadowed by someone else.
Glavine stays at 277 wins.
CORRECTION: Mike points out that Hudson is a righty. I was thinking of Mulder, and should have just "left" off the arm-throwing part. Hahaha.

Mussina did a nice job for the Yanks today, and Rivera shut the door. Moose can still be an excellent pitcher if he's healthy and with his head on straight. He was never both at once the last two years and still was a decent starter.

Schilling, of course, was dominant again. Damn.

On the flip side, the Orioles won 18-9 over the Indians as the teams combined for five errors.
SECOND EDIT: Not to early to worry about the Indians, Bum, but only because of in the last 10 years in the AL, April standings have not meant as much. The A's have proven that, as did the Yankees (and Indians, to some extent) last year. Plus, the Indians might not be playing great ball, but they are only 1.5 games out. Last year, the White Sox hot start ended the race by June. Doesn't seem to be the case this year.

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