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Common-sense ruminations on baseball and culture. has 101 things from the regular season.

What they really should have at #1 is this: No other sport has intangibles and effort play such a huge factor. There are more stat-heavy guys who will automatically make your team a loser, or at least worse (Marbury, Francis, the entire Fab Five; KG is approaching this list, sadly) and more guys who play for a contract and then never play (with heart) again -- Jerome James, Brian Scalabrine, please stand up.

Otherwise, an interesting selection. Some unintentional comedy is #11, which concludes: "What are the odds that two of the top 40 picks get shot in the same season?"

Actually, that's an easy bet. The real question is: "What are the odds that two of the top 40 picks get shot and it's not their fault at all in the same season?"

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