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The Captain, as we are all contractually required to call him, added three more hits and a run scored today (and a caught stealing via pickoff). All's well there.
Randy Johnson pitched 8 innings, shut out anyone not named Miguel Tejada, and looked healthy -- 22, not 42, according to Melvin Mora and his 22 children.
Most importantly, his catcher was Jorge Posada. Yes, he lowered himself to be caught by a man who's caught Roger Clemens, David Cone, Andy Pettitte, and David Wells.

Things are looking up for the Yankees. The pitching has been surprisingly solid, Sheff is hitting well, Giambi should be hitting 3rd or 4th because he's a baserunner- and run-producing machine, and A-Rod is quiet but not unproductive. Even Bernie Williams has shown a little life.

The team's record isn't reflective of this progress yet, but that should change soon.

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