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Once I jump on a bandwagon, I never let you hear the end of it. Last week's episode was excellent, although I did not get to watch it until I got back from my road trip (by the way, don't plan road trips when gas is $3 a gallon -- it made me want to cry with every look at the cost).
Kevin's creepiness is vastly underrated, and they did a nice job to get every cast member (except Meredith, I think) a real chance for dialogue and interaction.

Anyways, Jenna Fischer did a podcast that Northern Attack (on the right-hand sidebar) is hosting because of bandwith issues. There's a LOT of filler (first five minutes) before she actually calls in, and the quality of podcasts are not always incredible, but it's about as good as a radio show. There's a small, small spoiler on "Blades of Glory," too.
Worth a listen in that it's a low-key, casual interview and on a level you never used to see celebrities do. In a way, it shows how much the cast has invested themselves in the show.


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