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The drivers are terrible, although they avoid a lot of accidents simply by going the same speed -- fast. It's actually easier in some ways than navigating safe drivers who go 50 on the highway and brake when no car is near them.
EDIT (05/03/06): I forgot I mentioned how RIers are the nation's worst drivers a year ago.

They also don't use turn signals. The second sign on I-95 when you enter Connecticut, after the welcome sign, is a sign saying "Please use turn signals when you switch lanes."

Providence is a pretty decent city. Well worth a visit.

If you have time to kill in the Warwick area (and maybe elsewhere), check out Old Navy. Maybe there's a good deal on clothes, but even if not, you'll see dozens of really hot girls who are actually a legitimate age. And they're not even trying to look good.

And other things. Fun times.

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