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I should have ordered it long ago, but I forgot. Here's a good review of a season I've criticized many times, most to blame Charlize Theron, but one that was still damn good. It's a matter of degrees. It was still one of the best comedies on TV, and Jason Bateman and Michael Cera, especially, were never better.
Plus, it's revitalized Jeffrey Tambor's career, made Portia de Rossi known for something other than the blonde on "Ally McBeal," gave Bateman a career, period, and showed us all how brilliantly and self-assuredly Will Arnett plays incompetent, weak, and emotionally fragile.
And as for Charlize, I've forgiven her. I'm just a nice person, that's all.

And, I promise, unless a movie actually gets announced, I am highly unlikely to ever post about this show again. I've tortured everyone enough.

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