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I wonder if this is an unpopular segment. Then again, I have all this useless stuff to dispense, so unless I get hate mail, it's continuing.

Conan O'Brien is hosting the Emmys, and The Onion AV Club talks to him. Conan's a good interview, and there's lots of his clips online, plus a chronology of his first 10 years.
Also, no link to this, but he had Kristin Davis on last night promoting some terrible movie. But it doesn't matter, because, as usual, Conan has an amazing rapport with a growing number of actresses (and actors, too, to be fair). Davis has been on tons of times, says virtually nothing important, and yet is always a good interview. She's one of my favorite Conan guests to watch despite never, ever watching anything she's in.

Moving on...

William Shatner owns his own roast. He's a crazy SOB. Speaking of old guys who don't look their age for whatever reason, Regis turns 75 today.

In the Harold Reynolds corner, The Brushback asks the same question I had: What of the Little League World Series? Their answer: Coordinators of ESPN’s coverage of the Little League World Series were forced to tell curious 12-year-olds that Harold Reynolds, the color commentator who has been covering the event for years, was dead. Reynolds was fired from ESPN last month after being accused of sexual harassment, but the network didn’t want to divulge the information to the kids.

“Sorry, kids, but Harold’s dead,” producer Carol Schumann told a group of horrified little leaguers. “He died in a mysterious accident. We don’t know too many details except that it was kind of gross and yucky and it’s best if we don’t even talk about it. Sometimes people die. Get used to it. Anyway, we have Joe Morgan now. He’s about as humorless as an Islamic fundamentalist, but his knowledge of the game is unparalleled. And he doesn’t hug anybody inappropriately.”
The Onion speaks some dangerous truth. Speaking of them, they mock crazy Michael Kay and his absurd comments (second item) with this brilliant one-liner:
"Yankees announcer compares groundout to 9/11."
Traveling to Europe? Get downloadable audio guides for a cell or iPod.

Huge changes on "SNL" after last year's disaster (except for Amy Poehler). Horatio Sanz, who hasn't been funny since he was a bit player six or seven years ago, is apparently out, as is the man partly responsible for "SNL's" plight in the first place, Chris Parnell. My theory, in short, is that Parnell should have been the dominant guy after Will Farrell left ("SNL" always needs a dominant lead). Parnell's nothing but a good second option, and the show can't work that way. They've never fixed the problem, and making Seth Meyers solo head writer and having him bump Poehler off "Weekend Update" isn't going to help.


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