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Who ever thought Chien-Ming Wang would have as many wins at the start of September as a healthy Roy Halladay? It's not good that the Yankees couldn't sweep with Derek Jeter having 5 hits in the doubleheader and the pitchers giving up only 5 runs (all in the nightcap), but a split is decent, I suppose.
The problem is that even with the miracle that was the Red Sox series, the Yankees only have 1 sure thing on the mound to start a game. RJ and Corey Lidle are probably-decents, and Jaret Wright is trending more and more toward a useless.

Not sure what can be done. Luckily, the Red Sox are unlikely to deal David Wells to the Bronx for a third go-around.

Quick non-baseball note: The "Rescue Me" finale was tremendously disappointing. Actually, just the Sheila-Tommy stuff was. The rest was good. But the ending? So ridiculous. Not a cool cliffhanger -- just a what the hell cliffhanger.

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