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After all, he can't handle those puddles on the infield. Seriously, the link is about his rehab start being scratched. The plan to avoid ever pitching again is working.
It's good to see that even the Yankees have to answer the ultimate question: Is Carl Pavano a little bitch?
Derek Jeter didn't say yes, but he sort of did:

"I can't worry about guys who are not here. It's not a letdown if you're not counting on it. It's not hard to believe. That's what's been happening all the time."
Pavano's crash did happen, though, although that was uncertain for a time.

Anyway, despite the rainout, there was a good deal of exciting baseball tonight, including Mark Redman of the Woeful Royals (since KC doesn't deserve to have the Royals associated with it) shutting out the Twins, 2-0. There was also Jermaine Dye continuing his darkhorse MVP campaign with HR #39, Ryan Howard matching Mike Schmidt's team record for single-season home runs more than a month earlier, and Barry Bonds hitting two home runs in a Giants' loss. Don't look now, but the Giants, terrible as they are, are only two back.
In oil country, Wily Tavaras' 30-game hitting streak ended on the same day the Astros signed Mr. Consistent, Roy Oswalt, to a five-year extension.

And, oh, it's terribly crass, but for all the problems with Alex Rodriguez's psyche, he never said this: "You know, there was a lot of stress going on" with having to play the Yankees five games. That's right, Mr. Clutch, David Ortiz, admitted weakness. But he gets a pass on that from the media, even before his actual heart quivered, too. Irregular heartbeats are no laughing matter, though, and all of us will be winners when he's able to back on the field.

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