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Bronx Banter writer Bruce Markusen takes a look at what other moves the Yanks will undoubtedly be making. What, you thought Clemens was it? Think again, he says.

Bill Madden says the old outfield, not the old arms, is the most-immediate worry right now.

From the Obvious Dept. comes George King saying Roger Clemens' won-lost record will determine how fans feel about his preferential treatment. Please, give me more gems, like how Barry Bonds is chasing a home-run mark, or that the Yanks are building some sort of structure next to the Stadium.

The Stadium is offering more Latin-style food this year, and Can't Stop The Bleeding spotted a NY Times article on it.

Good news for season-ticket holders, for now. As someone who tags onto a couple Saturday games a year with a package holder, this caught my attention.

Yankees Chick is trying out video. Don't be shallow, readers. She's got a real quality site.

This post takes a political angle on it, but since he's a presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani's buying of World Series rings is getting a little notice.

If you're looking for some insight into this weekend's series from the Seattle Mariners point of view, check out Lookout Landing, U.S.S. Mariner, or the blogs of the city's two newspapers, the Pilot-Intelligencer and the Times.

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