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And he can pitch more than five innings. Why can't Darrell Rasner?

Joe Torre has gotten the message, as DeSalvo supplants Rasner for a turn next week. I hope DeSalvo can at least continue to provide six innings per outing, even if he eventually starts facing teams that can hit (i.e. not the Mariners).

As for eating innings, Basball Analysts has an idea that harks back several decades that might work for Roger Clemens: Sunday baseball. As in pitching your old horse once a week to maximize his innings. (Baseball Musings linked this, btw)

It certainly sounds like a smart idea. Unfortunately, there really weren't any pennant-winning teams cited in the examples, save for Denny Galehouse in 1944, who was an anomaly because he was hampered by a war-related job, not age.

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