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If the point of yesterday's supersized episode was to get people talking, well, it sure worked. Everything gets overshadowed by Pam finally regaining some of that courage Michael wished for her last week.
Is it out of character? Slightly, in that it definitely pushes a plot point, but then again, last year's beloved season finale was out of character for Jim -- taking the initiative and risking failure, not once but twice. The Pam we saw right before Jim kisses her is the Pam that doesn't know how to cut through the cobwebs that prevent her and Jim from getting together.

This year, those obstacles have added a new element, the one that prevents them from being even buddies. It's a rather new development, I think -- they seemed to be doing fine before the Roy attack, although there was at least some shift when Jim saw Pam leave Phyllis' wedding with Roy.
That's apparently Pam's breaking point, and seen from that angle, it's not so out of the ordinary.

Also, at this point, everyone's very used to the cameras. Pushing a plot point may be a writing tool, but it's also used extensively by people in reality shows of every kind. Pam may be borrowing from "The Real World" in creating a confrontation, even if it's not a conscious decision.

I'll have more when I re-watch the episode, because I only saw it very late last night.


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