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I'm absurdly late, I know. But with a couple of obvious flawed moments, it's the most-compelling reason yet for why "The Office" could and should be an hour-long show.
Here's why...
1. It's got hope, despair, discomfort, laughs, pranks, new realizations and stunningly oblivious behavior -- and that's just from the big four of Michael, Jim, Pam and Dwight. Sure, there's a lot more of the same from Meredith and Kelly, but, for instance, we learn about Angela's doll-sized wardrobe, something that at once seems ridiculous and exactly at home with the dour accountant. Phyllis is a clear, unadulterated victim, but someone who can bridge the "Office" divide, being friends with Pam and helping Karen decide what Jim will get to take off of her.

2. Creed. He doesn't think exposing oneself is a problem, he pays to use the women's bathroom, and yet somehow holds down a job.

3. Ryan is, honestly, a jerk -- playing for Karen even when he knows Jim is at least "hooking up" with her -- and denying his relationship with Kelly. But the balance, as it was in "Business School" and "The Fire," is seen when he's called on it, first by Jim brushing him off and then by Kevin's giggling at Ryan's proclaimed "not in an office relationship."

4. Toby, who learns a bit, at least, in the women's bathroom scenes to just go with the flow. No pun intended, if you find one there.

5. Pam's courage, as always is in small, private moments or in helping Michael through struggles that bear some similarity to her own, unsolved woes. Here, she stands up to Karen in a surrogate way through her counseling of Michael.

6. Any time Michael deals with the ladies, it's going to be a minefield. When the whole episode is build around that, it's hard to mess up.

What were the problems here? There have to be a couple, or else it might surpass "Office Olympics" as my pick for the most-quintessential episode.

1. As funny as it was (and not a bad cringe-worthy as some of this season has been), it was a hugely dirty episode. That leads us to the Michael imitating the flasher bit. While he's a caricature and does many things that would get him fired, lead to lawsuits, etc., this one seemed to dismiss his being a decent human being and having a heart. Laughing at the fact that Phyllis, and not the hot ones, were flashed, and yelling at Toby seem within his character. Quite frankly, at a real office, you might get a couple jokes about who was flashed, but just not in the open or so soon after.
But Michael Scott does not often mock things. Even when Dwight delves into fantasy land, he's more likely to get annoyed or insult. Mocking anyone, even Phyllis, intentionally is not him. Laughing inappropriately, however is.

2. The lack of a confessional for Karen outside of the mall visit. With a supersized episode, there's got to be time to get some reaction to the unspoken battle she and Pam waged for Michael's ear.

Two episodes. All signs point to someone moving to corporate, Karen being back in some form, and Pam, this time figuratively, laying all the cards on the table. Echos of last year? If you mean big changes that revert to status quo by the seventh episode, I think you're on the right track.


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  1. # Blogger fatguy24

    I like your blog...hope to be a regular.

    Just a couple of comments on your post here:

    I agree with you that the Office should be an hour long show. Its well done and is a throwback to older comedies where they don't write jokes, but rather scenes that come out funny.

    I think you missed the jokes about Creed "paying" to use the woman's bathroom. I won't spoil it just in case you DVR the show or something.  

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