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Now that everyone has gotten a chance to catch his or her breath, especially Suzyn Waldman (who seemingly left even the ESPN "Sportscenter" crew uncomfortable with the fawning she displayed), it's time to reassess where we stand on the Roger Clemens return to New York.

Laura Gleason at NYBaseballtalk says it's all about male ego. She makes a very interesting argument. Eventually, that link will be here, btw.

Curt Schilling has reconsidered his bluster.

Bronx Banter isn't buying it, and they've got tremendous insight on newspaper, TV, radio, Houston, New York, and Boston reactions.

As for Bill Simmons, who continuously shines light on the NBA (check out his pieces on Dirk Nowitski lately) but has disintegrated into the type of knee-jerk Yankee hatred that shouldn't be seen from either side, I mentioned him briefly.
However, River Ave. Blues chose to dissect the entire article, and even with a few slides into the same behavior (starting with the title and well-documented in the comments), it's a powerful indictment.

I'm fine with the signing, and the more starts he's around for the better. I would have been much less happy with a later signing that didn't have him on the mound until late June or sometime in July. At that point, it's just as good to try to find a team willing to dump a starter before the trade deadline. Or, by then, one or more of the rookies may have developed into a quality starter not worth benching.

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