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The Yankees actually had cut their payroll slightly at the beginning of the year, which enables them to sign Clemens for a pro-rated $28 million now without blinking.

Of course, the Yanks still owe him money from the last contract, albeit not much. Thanks to Dave for that link, which has a fascinating and rather full salary roundup.
Worst number in that list: owing Javier Vazquez $3 million.

But now, A-Rod might have legitimate reason to want another contract worth $25 million or more per year. It's all speculation, as all of this is, but depending on how you look at it, Clemens is the highest-paid player in baseball. At almost 45 years old.

If the Yankees want to keep A-Rod, though, they will. The price tag won't matter much, except on Alex Rodriguez's psyche. The hidden benefit, I think, is that signings such as Clemens' outrageous sum will drive the bidding out of reach for anyone else, even the desperate Angels.

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