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Chuck Finley, SP, California/Anaheim (1986-99), Cleveland (2000-2002), St. Louis (2002).
This year: No.
Deserving: Underrated, but not that much.
Will writers think he's deserving?: No.
Stay on ballot: 50/50.
Veteran's Committee: No.

Chuck Finley was a fine, durable pitcher who WAS the Angels for almost 15 years. He was always one of the top-tier AL pitchers (top 10s: Wins, 6 times; ERA, 5 times; IP, 9 times; K, 10 times; GS, 7 times; CG, 5 times).
But he was never the best, receiving Cy Young votes but once. His only league-leading categories? Innings and games started in the strike year of 1994. He walked a tremendous amount of people (27th all time). The Angels never won anything with him, even when they also had Mark Langston and Jim Abbott at their not-shabby peaks. The Indians got him two years too late.

He was one hell of a pitcher, and extremely reliable. But if voters overlook him they way they did during his career, he may not get a vote. Which would be unfair.

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