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There's a lot of worries about the Yankees' pitching staff (all legitimate worries) and how certain members of the offense are going to perform. Plus, there's the question of how Joe Girardi will handle being in charge, and whether Brian Cashman IS in charge.

But, just imagine if Don Mattingly had been hired to manage the club, then had his family issues?

I favored Girardi over Mattingly (and Pinella over Torre/Mattingly the year before), so it's not a big deal to me. And, of course, Mattingly is probably doing the right thing, even if we don't know the details. But it's a hell of a lot easier to find a hitting coach (especially when the Dodgers have an in-house candidate with experience at the position) than it is to find a manager -- regardless of market size.

The bigger question: How will this affect Joe Torre? It's not for us to worry about -- at least not anymore.

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  1. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    I am going to say it because no one else will. Joe Torre is a fraud. He is only as good as his players and more often than not, he is not even that good. Torre is do fine in LA if they have great players this year. If they don't, he will suck up the place. How is that for honesty? :)  

  2. # Blogger James

    Like Jack McKeon said when he was Florida Marlins manager (and Torre-vanquisher in the Series): A manager really only gets the chance to win or lose about four games a year.

    Do four games matter? Absolutely. But unless you're that awful, you shouldn't affect more than that.
    Going by the famous NoMaas "lost games" chart, Torre was twice as bad as a "bad" manager (losing eight games).
    Was he always that bad? I doubt it, especially considering the Yankees' postseason prowess in winning games in which they trailed after six innings (a winning record from 1996-2001 in a situation where you normally lose almost all the time).

    I'm agreeing, by the way, just adding that he's no different than most managers, regardless of what the media's built him up to be.  

  3. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    This comment doesn't belong here but where is your post on Santana? I go to Kevin Blackistone for my hockey News and you for my baseball news!  

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