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The old guard of the Giants showed up today. Michael Strahan, he of the holdout, the look-at-me attitude at times, the history of criticizing the offense, shut his mouth most of the year and played solid ball.
At the ancient age of 35, he's as quick as ever, still strong, and delivered nine tackles and a sack today.

But the real story is Eli Manning. No turnovers, two touchdowns, and getting a playoff win. Let's face it: If the Giants lost, getting beat yet again by Jeff Garcia, and Manning had a horrible game, you may well have seen a different quarterback for Big Blue next year. He was the 25th-ranked quarterback, after all; for that quality, you could have Kurt Warner, Garcia or even Kerry Collins (2007 version) lead your team, probably for less money.

But all that's forgotten for now. It's a good win, a nice progression for this often-dysfunctional team -- consistency in reaching the playoffs (while playing in arguably the league's toughest division), and now a win. Also, while they must play Dallas, which beat them twice, the Giants have closed the gap and sport a ridiculous 8-1 road record. That's a good thing, because they won't have a home game the rest of the way.

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