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My thought for much of this time was that the Yankees and Red Sox were secretly hoping the Mets would swoop in with some absurd offer and take the pressure off of each team.
From what I'm hearing (not knowing a great deal about the Mets' prospects), they may have better matched the Twins' desires, but still aren't getting swindled.

Neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox could afford to let the other get Santana, from a competitive standpoint. The Yankees, obviously, are more desperate for pitching, but the Sox couldn't take that kind of PR and fanbase hit, either, even if they may be in better, younger shape. But losing out on Santana to a third party, especially one in another league, must be bringing a sigh of relief.
It provides cover -- saying, hey, we didn't cave in or let the other guy get him -- and allows each to rely on the contingent of fans who believe that Santana (or really, any pitcher) isn't worth that long of a contract for that much money, and that as great as Johan is, each team would have dreaded the last 2-3 years of the deal.

Now, if the Mets deal falls through, I think the previous pressure is doubled. The Twins can't afford not to move him, especially because they don't seem to believe they have a good enough team to win next year. (By win, I mean make the playoffs)

Would having Santana be great? Yes. Is the price too high? There's a damn good argument for that. Will the Mets win the Series with or without him? I'd be stunned.

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  1. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    I agree with you completely. Santana is a beast but he would have come at a high price and who knows how durable he will be in a few years. You know what is interesting? Trading and free agency used to be about who can get the best talent. Now its not just about that but also about keeping certain talent away from other teams. How the game has have evolved.  

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