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1. Possibly the best sports blog named after the best sporting moment ever, Kissing Suzy Kolber, is scoring way more than Joe Namath lately.
Between ripping the looks-like-a-jerk, acts-like-a-jerk Phil Rivers and showing who else besides Tom Brady isn't very special, it's a must-read. Plus, we haven't even gotten to the Patriots as told by a Bostonite (best line, referring to Wes Welker: "I always wanted Troy Brown to not be black, and now he isn't!")
By the way, Rivers showed a lot of class taunting the Colts fan after the game was decided. Why get into it with fans? Because he's already lost the taunting game against actual players?

2. The Yankees have a fight song, apparently. A long-standing one, too.
The fight song thing I've never gotten. Maybe it's because I went to a college that didn't have football. To me, fight songs should have stayed in the Civil War.Shooting unreliable weapons at close range and knowing you'll have to eventually foolishly charge forward with a pointy metal thing as your best weapon demands some real fight songing. And probably a good dose of whisky.

3. Out of morbid curiosity, I watched the first 10 minutes of the new "Terminator" show. All I knew going in was that there was a really hot, too young chick (who I correctly assumed to be the inexplicable ally) and a Linda Hamilton lookalike, only flightier. Also, the preview tagline was, "Only a mother's love for her son can save the future," which made me think the future was pretty much screwed. And also make me think of Oedipus.
Well, turns out there's even more B-list fun.
Dean Winters of "Rescue Me" and the first season of "SVU" was there. Poor guy's got lines like, "You must think I'm a jackass," and "I came here for HELP! Not for this!"
Then, there's a well-dressed black guy, who of course is from the FBI and spouts lines like, "She's a grade-A whackamole!" and "That's not my patter. I'm here because my boss, the United States of America..."
Just wow. To quote a wise person, Fox is great at making intriguing action plots with terrible dialogue and acting. Plus, as the link to the left notes, what mother of a teenage boy wears an F-me skirt like that? "Hilariously inappropriate" is correct.
Despite this, Variety enjoyed it, as the first link details, and so did Newsday. Maybe I should have had a longer attention span?


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  1. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    A long-standing one, too.
    The fight song thing I've never gotten. Maybe it's because I went to a college that didn't have football.

    You went too far. You should have just stopped w/ 'Maybe it's because I went to a college.' I don't get fight songs either and did not bother to learn my alma mater's fight song as well.  

  2. # Anonymous Mike

    How did you not know the Yankees have a fight song? Not knowing the words is one thing, but you should be able to at least hum the melody. They do play the music to it during the radio broadcasts constantly. Is it corny? Absolutely. But it is something you should have at least been aware of.

    As you know my college didn't have a football team either but we do have a fight song. I'm just glad I never heard our terrible band try to play it.  

  3. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    Is the rally song (you know the one that ends w/ charge!) the same thing as the fight song Mike?  

  4. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    Apparently it isn't. On that site you linked to it also said they played it before each game on WPIX. Really?? I watched the games on WPIX and I can't remember a word!  

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