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1. Why is Dick Clark still on the air? It was nice two years ago when he made a comeback, if not quite triumphant, to the air.

But watching him painfully mumble through some words each year is too much, especially since he's designated a successor in Ryan Seacrest (how sad our culture is that he is the obvious choice to lead our nation from year to year). In a third year of this, we no longer should have to pretend like we don't want to make fun of you. Most of all, it's not fair to him. He could have left last year as a man who bravely battled back to the air. Now, he's like too many others hanging on too long.

2. The trend of columnists, in this case in sports, to make illogical conclusions that are, at best, circumstantial theories, on sports stories. And worse, to take those conclusions and tell us they are facts, indisputable.
One example I saw in today's New York Times, though it wasn't the paper's writer. It was St. Louis' Bryan Burwell, who says about the Patriots and SpyGate:
"Oh yeah, almost everyone in football is convinced the Pats cheated their way to many of their victories after the New York Jets blew the whistle on Bill Belichick for illegally filming opponents' sideline signals."

Really? Where's the evidence? Where's the outpouring of statements, or the NFL announcing it's looking into the matter? Why isn't Belichick suspended, or teams saying each week, we were robbed? If it's that obvious of a scandal, it won't sound like sour grapes. Sure, it's a columnist who's at a declining, increasingly inconsequential metro in a declining, increasingly inconsequential city, but it's irresponsible.
If you think the Pats are cheating, say so. If others are saying so, enlighten us with names. But don't hide behind a blanket assumption that has no evidence but is said as if a conviction is already in.

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    I will admit I did not watch the New Years festivities but I am happy to hear Dick Clark was still on the air. He is apart of Americana and I doubt its that horrible to have him on your tv screen for two hours out of every year. I am not a big fan of Ryan Seacrest either but the kids and those who are in their thirties and older seem to like the guy. I guess give them what they want.

    Bryan Burwell amazes me. I watch him on the Jim Rome show and sometimes just have to shake my head. His claim to fame is that he supposedly called out Mark McGwire while he was actually playing baseball and he did it while a columnist for the dispatch no less. Part of me thinks he says silly things like you have stated here just for the 'shock' value. I am a Jets fan and even I think its ridiculous. Still though, I don't think its irresponsible. I really don't distinguish that much between sports newspaper columnists and television analysts. When I listen/read what they have to say, I pretty much read it as an opinion piece rather than a statement of fact. If I want facts, I will look for those keywords like 'evidence,' 'sources,' 'replay,' or I will just look at that actual statistics/box scores for the real story. I kind of get the impression you work for sports print journalism so I can understand how you can be offended but to the average fan like me, I don't think we give statements like that much value.  

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