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When I defended Andy Pettitte back when (or, at least, said it's water under the bridge), I made clear to state that it was pending no further revelations.
The news that he took HGH in 2004 as well is understandable from a human perspective. He was injured (again) and probably scared. Not scared like in a war zone, but still.
That sympathy is not pardon, however.

I don't know what should be done, discipline-wise. Obviously, the fact remains that given the arbitrary and incomplete nature of the Mitchell Report, to throw the book at the few is to incorrectly exonerate all those players whose teams didn't have trainers who caved in to Mitchell's demands/threats.

My standard has always been: Break a rule on baseball's books, a hard-and-fast rule, and you're out of the Hall, etc. Pete Rose broke the gambling rule, the oldest and clearest one, knowing the consequences. He's out. Same with anyone admitting to illegal substance use or getting caught in a test (Gary Sheffield up through Barry Bonds). Pettitte's in that boat, not that he was a sure bet.
The loophole in my theory? Mark McGwire is off the hook through baseball's own errors. He never tested positive for anything (putting aside a lack of tests), and he's only admitted to andro, a substance then legal by FDA standards. All baseball would have had to do, however, is list it on its banned substances list, as the NFL and Olympics had done, and it would have been clear. As awful as it sounds, McGwire was the only player smart enough to use andro while he could.

As a person, I'm not happy with Pettitte. As a fan, though, I'll be just as unhappy if he goes and has a terrible 2008 because of this, something he brought onto himself.

As for Clemens, Brian McNamee is a creep and a liar. Sure, Clemens probably did stuff. But McNamee is an awful human being in a lot of unrelated ways, and if it's Clemens' word against McNamee's, I can't really trust either.

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  1. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    Everyone who testified yesterday is a liar. You do not know who to trust or believe anymore. I really don't care anymore. I just want to watch some good baseball again. I won't watch it like I did twenty years ago but I am old now and jaded. Whatever.  

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