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And by that, I mean, Jason Giambi, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada having aches and pains early on isn't the worst thing. It could be all the pitchers, whether they be beleaguered (Andy Pettitte), ancient (Mike Mussina) or youthful (the kids).
The offense is an old, albeit powerful, machine. There will be some missed time and some slumps. That's not such a worry at the moment. And remember, the hitting hasn't lost in the playoffs the past 4-5 years nearly as often as a breakdown in the pitching (and by extension, the managing of said pitching). Joe Girardi hasn't had too many tests yet (this noteworthy one the exception), but he seems off to a good start. Having been sick himself recently, he's keeping a level head.
That's about all you can do in April if your team isn't winless (sorry, Tigers).

Yeah, it's an armchair, vague analysis. That's all my brain can muster at the moment.

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  1. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    Yeah, don't it suck to be grown up w/ all these responsibilities?  

  2. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    I know you are busy but I hope you will be blogging next Friday because 'The Office' is suppose to deliver a season finale that you will talk about the next day. I am hoping you write about it the next day!!  

  3. # Anonymous bumfromjersey

    The Office - did you see it?  

  4. # Anonymous Cass Keller

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  5. # Anonymous Kevin

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