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I figured I should update this, since I haven't put up anything since very early in the 2008 season.
My blogging on the Yankees and miscellany was brought to an indefinite hiatus mostly due to work demands. The excellent work being done by dozens of Yankees blogs certainly didn't make me feel as if I were leaving a huge void.
The work status is changed, but I'm no longer in the YES coverage area, which makes me wary of keeping up with the team during the season.
I've bounced around some ideas for (another) revamp of Afternoon Baseball -- writing about (memorializing, really) retired/deceased players, Yankees and otherwise. Or some other version that's a little more storytelling, a lot less demand on analysis that I've neither the time nor the statistical ingenuity to meet.

We'll see. The archives remain up, but I hope this isn't the last post I'll ever put here. Thanks.

-- James

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Originally known as Another Way to Waste a Few Minutes, this blog aims for common-sense thinking (what's that? I'm always figuring that out) and a fan's perspective of baseball, with forays into culture and inconsequentials. The blogs linked on the sidebar reflect the goal of this blog, or in some cases, just a personal preference. Sometimes, when I'm just too busy, I just aim to post something about anything.

It is primarily about the great game of baseball, specifically the New York Yankees (sorry, Red Sox people). It will also delve into reviews of TV, cinema, and music. See "The Office" for an example. There are endless topics to discuss, but there'll be some attempt at limiting it to the aforementioned scope, just because of time constraints.

AWTWFM started when I was in college, and it went on hiatus for a while after graduation. In that real world, I work in newspaper journalism, which is exhaustingly enjoyable. This blog is just to have some fun, not a professional endeavor.

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